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Welcome to Maguire Consulting and Publications LLC


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Maguire CONSULTING LLC was founded for two-fold reasons:

I. Realization of the improvement of the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities

II. To assist agencies that serve the developmentally disabled population to achieve the fullest potential possible while operating with a standard of excellence and building a foundation for financial success.

It is not uncommon for companies providing care and assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities to encounter problems. Such issues can range from minor to critical. The unfortunate reality for some agencies is that the corrective plan of action only temporarily addresses the issues on hand, creates new problems, or fails in operational effectiveness. This results in a perpetual cycle of operating from reactive necessity. The company suffers and most importantly the standard of service for disabled clients diminishes.

Maguire CONSULTING LLC effectively assists the management team in identifying, addressing, and correcting these issues. Our services are utilized by several agencies pro-actively to prevent problems before they arise. Investigations, incident reviews, behavioral issues, neighbor relations, police relations, monitoring program facilities, behavior plan evaluations, authoring behavior plans, and training are some of the primary areas that can be supported. Technical assistance is provided by staff that are dedicated and unsurpassed in caring, experience and success.

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